Prompt was to design a product for the daily tea brewing consumer. The project focuses on peoples connection to the process of brewing and the quality of ingredients as they relate to personal health. Brewing is habitual in nature so this product leverages the ancient traditions of tea making to create habit forming emotional connections.




Fall 2015


3D Modeling


Model Making




River Stone

Activated Charcoal 

Authentic tea experience.

Mizu is an all natural water purifier for authentic Gong-Fu Tea making experiences. For the tea drinker that craves an emotional satisfaction from their morning ritual.

Visiting the birthplace of green tea in Japan.

I had the honor of being invited to an authentic tea making experience in Daitokuji Temple of Kyoto, Japan. It is said to be the birthplace and center for Japanese tea making.

Inspired by Mount Wuyi

The biggest challenge tea drinkers face is finding a site of calmness in the hustle of their daily lives. a harmonious tea system would immerse the drinker into an idealistic meditative setting by stimulating the senses and bringing authentic tea making to ones lifestyle.

Waterfall spout.

Water spout spills perfectly warm water onto cup to evenly heat cup and tea. Inspired by the waterfalls of Mount Wuyi.

Rows in tea fields.

Rows of tea and wild tea found along the mountainside create a sense of repetition and balance that is mimicked on the walls of Mizu. The walls create a cove for the cup to nestle in and steep, but still allow steam to escape from its gaps.