The one week design challenge was to use felt offcuts, wood and 3d printing. We wanted to use design to provoke a closer proximity between food and its provenance. So we asked ourselves, how can we build a better understanding of where our food comes from?




Sponsored by Wanted Design, Shapeways, FitzFelt.

Spring 2017

Team Project

Material Exploration

3D Modeling



Felt offcuts 

3D printing



Bringing the Farm to the Table.

Replacement for soil.

Wool was the perfect replacement because its antimicrobial  it aerates air an water like soil, and uses scrap pieces from felt manufacture. We put the wool to the tests and the sprouts started to grow.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Simple hydroponic system.

The simplified hydroponic system consists of a vessel to hold vitamin solution and felt bed for seeds. The Sprouter has a small pull tab and dimple on the bottom to use when pulling part out of table.