The challenge was to design a new market for the metal finishing industry. The design focused on silver & gold plating for its antimicrobial properties and the benefits it has on the skin. I saw there was an opportunity in the 8 billion dollar beauty industry because it hasn't been explored by the metal industry.




Sponsored by Metal Finishing Association of Southern California

Fall 2017

Material Exploration

Ceramic Throwing


Business Strategy






Meet Terra.

The cosmetic system that enhances handmade cosmetics with the properties of precious metals.

Designing with metal.

Utilizing the properties of silver and gold.

Gold Brightens the skin.

Brighten the skin and reduces inflammation. It can be reused in a plated form making it more economical and sustainable.

Silver cleans.

Silver is an antiseptic and preservative so it kills bacteria that lies on its surface and keeps cosmetics pure for a longer period of time. The reflective quality of the silver can also be used as a mirror.

Hand Making Cosmetics

Cosmetic Alchemy Kit.

Customize your ingredients online.

​​1. Visit the terra.ceramics website and create your customized profile.

   ex: hair type, skin type, scent preference

2. Order samples of reocurring deliveries along with the terra cosmetic system.

3. Ingredients are packaged fresh and shipped straight to your home.

Create your custom cosmetics using the terra alchemy kit.

Ignite heating base to warm up the mortar. Then mix your ingredients with the rounded pestle to grind and evenly smooth out lotions. 


Store cosmetics in naturally preserving containers.

Store cosmetics in silver antimicrobial jar to keep your cosmetics fresher for longer.


Applying your handmade treatments.

Brighten your skin with a reusable gold metal mesh face mask by coating the mask with the recipe and leave on face to treat.


Share you experience.

Cosmetic users & makers share their experiences on instagram which helps drive sales through reviews and instagram tagging.

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